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Web development is a skill that requires to be possessed by a person who wishes to make a working website. It is a sub-domain of computer science engineering and is often treated as a course subject in many colleges and universities.  A website can be considered as a “Car”. A car has a body which is called its chassis. The purpose of the body of the car is to contain the rider and the machinery in it while the automobile moves. A car has some inbuilt machinery which uses the fuel provided to the car to convert the same into velocity which can be controlled by the operator of the car. But, do you think only the body or only the machinery is enough to make the car move? The answer is understandably “NO”. Similarly a website cannot work only with its body (popularly know as Front end, which we users can see) or its machinery (popularly known as Backend, which controls the interactions from a user and works as per instructions). So, we need a Frontend + Backend = Full stack project or a full stack website. The above mentioned terms are actually the names of such technologies which we use in Full stack web development.

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Atmanand Tripathi

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