The Poem of a Ledger

You may love currencies,
I love the codes.
You may gain lots of money
I gain, some scores.
You may fade off from the scheme
Deny what you got
I am but a record keeper,
And I know your accord.
You may spend some millions
To please your family and wife,
I know which hashes worked
Blocks are but my life.
World banks fall, economies crash,
People blame “Oh, the system is trash”,
Deep down we know the struggle,
To keep safe, your lovely cash.
Hack the world, hack you’re most
Secured and safe treasure,
But none can guess what was
The sequence of the ledger.
Now it’s not that I can do whatever I like
With huge sums to transact, I am always at the spikes
Holidays are meant for all, to live life, in pleasure,
Nobody cares for me here, because I am a ledger.


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