The Brain and the Universe (Part 1)

The Brain and the Universe (Part 1)

The Brain and the Universe


Since times immemorial, we have been fascinated by the magic of science. Most phenomena on the earth have been explained to us by the concepts of physical and chemical sciences. But a few still fail to get explained by either Classical or Quantum Mechanics or even by the advanced concepts of string theory and multidimensions. Well, to resolve the problems of a conceptual world like that of Data Science is easier than that of the Physical concepts. But, we can slowly get ideas of many such phenomena or practices that the worlds of matter and energy represent.


Scientists and astronomers have discovered that 99% of the perceivable universe is empty and only 1% of it is composed of matter. Similarly, physiologists and psychologists have defined that a common person’s brain can reach a maximum activation state of just 1% of the total neural activities in the brain. Very few people can have an activity scale of greater than 1 but the highest activation state till date has been restricted to just 4.5%. Yes, it might sound weird but most fauna on earth including humans can use a very less capacity of the brain. Now there stands a great deal of similarity. Why despite so many scientific advancements we humans are unable to penetrate the beyond 1% rule? Is this nature’s mode of data abstraction( an act of hiding how a system works from its frontends or users)? Or, is it the dark matter that causes us to get restricted to this boundary? Also, if the brain is connected to the universe in such a strong string of similarity and abstraction, then why do we need a telescope to see the universe?

Well, finding a definite answer to all these is really difficult at once. But considering the truth of the symmetry theory of the universe(which in brief states that the Universe maintains a state of symmetry in both macro and micro scale, one resembling the other), we can say that as an atom represents a solar system, each of our brains can potentially resemble universe. There are also some philosophical and scientific proofs in support of this statement. They are :

  • We, tend to get attracted to a person who has a similar interest as we do. This resembles magnetism.
  • A person with a strong character in most cases influences persons who tend to be in his/her surrounding. This represents electromagnetic induction as a magnet attracts magnetic material so does a magnetic or attractive personality.
  • Opposite genders are mutually attracted, which is valid in charges and electric systems.
  • A quiet person who is meditating will definitely attract all people. Not at once, but in orbits. This resembles gravity.
  • Strong bonds in any relation are achieved through giving and take and mutual understanding which is a representation of strong interaction.
  • A stable mind when disturbed once, can never get the same stability and will radiate contempt in all directions in a state of entropy(order of disorderedness). This is a weak interaction.

Thus, we can see how our mind resembles the 4-forces theory of nature.


We all know by the notion of general maths that a greater quantity has more magnitude than a lesser one. So, why 99% of the useless universe or 99% of the useless brain does not capture the active 1%? The reason is a boundary that is infinitely turgid and which prevents either way expansion. Neither can the 1% matter penetrate across this boundary to get in contact with the 99% dark-matter. Neither happens for the vice versa. But these boundaries can be broken with the help of infinite energy or by optimum orientation, neither of which we can produce in a conscious and sustainable environment. But at times this boundary can get traversed, accidentally. This gives rise to a phenomenon that has a dual definition. Wormhole in terms of astrophysics. Dream in terms of psychology. Mathematically, these are nothing but time travels. Yes, it might appear weird. But the proof of its truth is a simple fact that if you reach a place before you are mathematically or physically expected, then you have traveled across the time dimension. The boundary between the Light and Dark world also has a dual definition. It’s called the Existence Paradox when we consider physics and is called Life when we consider psychology. But who is empowering or holding the boundary of existence is still unknown. It might be an alien activity or play of time. This is like how we can trick an ant into closed loops with our fingers.

Through meditation, we can link our physical self to the psychic self and cross these barriers with ease once we obtain the escape velocity. But unfortunately, we cannot take our bodies with us as dark matter is not compatible with matter and may cause some unforeseen destructions. Probably this is the reason why time travel has not been possible physically. Perhaps someday in the future, we may be able to make things compatible. But that can open up another problem. We can forecast our deaths and remember everything after death until we are reborn. This will cause Information Paradox. We can change the course of our own history and it will be like a piece of data that changed itself in the dataset after the data were started to get analyzed. Let’s see what happens in part 2 of The Brain and the Universe. Till then, keep thinking. 😇😉


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